Land surveyor equipment suppliers

Land Surveyor equipment suppliers in South Africa.

Surveywarehouse are land surveyor equipment suppliers  in South Africa  for the past 35 years. That is to say we are one of the oldest suppliers in the industry.

Being  land surveyor equipment suppliers  and work closely with quantity surveyor and surveyor generals all over Africa.

We service and supply the following land surveyor equipment:

Our equipment is used in cadastral survey , topographic survey, site survey , surveying engineering and building surveyor toolbox.

Land surveyor Equipment

Our aim isn’t to simply supply instruments that resemble something of a “one glove fits all” option, but to rather provide a best fit solution from a variety of products to meet clients’ needs and budgets without compromising on quality.

Sokkia Land surveyor Equipment

SOKKIA  is our flagship brand. Firstly with allot of hard work we have been penetrating the Southern African market.

Most importantly we  acquiring the SOKKIA dealership in October 2013. The  The GRX3 is creating significant interest as a result of the new POST antenna design enabling the unit to get incredible accuracy. The Sokkia DX is the best preforming robotic total station on the market. For example  with world leading RED-tech EDM technology and advanced auto-tracking meaning one can acquire excellent surveys.

Hi Target Land surveyor Equipment

Hi-Target has been around with us since the beginning. The Hi Target V30+ GNSS System has proved itself for generations and the Hi Target V30 GPS has successfully competed and taken market share away from industry giants with over 100 receivers in operation across southern Africa. The Hi Target V30 GPS was voted the best GPS in China in 2016 and comes in around 30% to 40% cheaper than popular brands yet packs the same features with proven reliability. We look forward to positive feed-back from the new V90 Plus with features such as an electronic bubble enabling new Tilt Survey Technology of up to 30 degrees. The Hi Target ZTS-360R Total Station is powerful yet compact unit aimed as a serious contender to the entry-level market.

We can supply training and support.

We as a associates provide the necessary back-up service for Hi-Target products including training, servicing and post sale support from surveyor general to to land surveyor

In conclusion the brands we supplied and supported by surveywarehouse include Carlson, Geneq, Fujiyama and Garmin.

Dumpy level



Dumpy Level South Africa Product Highlights

  • Compensator range: ±15 arc minutes
  • Minimum focus range up to 400m
  • Magnification: 32x
  • Redesigned optic with 40-mm aperture
  • Automatic air damping compensator
  • Setting accuracy: ±0.3 arcminutes
  • Effective in low light conditions
  • Water-resistant body


  • 3 Models – 32x, 28x, and 24x Magnifications
  • Rapid, Accurate, and Stable Automatic Compensation
  • Ultra-Short 20cm (7.9 in.) Focusing
  • All-Weather Dependability
  • Clampless, Endless Fine Horizontal Adjustments



There for focus on the RAB-Code staff and press a button. The measurement result of both height and distance is displayed on the screen in 3 seconds. Above all digital levels minimize human error and maximize the ease of leveling work, allowing an increased level of productivity and cost performance.

As a result the highest accuracy of 1.0mm can be achieved using fiberglass RAB Code staves.

Firstly the SDL30 employs a market proven pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system. Its working range is ±15′.

Secondly the SDL30 calculates height difference, elevation, setting-out and more. For example measuring height of the ceilings, bridges and other objects, there is no need to change the measuring mode when the staff is held upside-down.

Above all the internal memory holds 2,000 points of data in a maximum of 20 job files.

Similarly measured data can be exported in CSV format using the software “SDL TOOL”.


For example the SDL50 is a reliable, easy to use digital level ideal for the construction field.

Likewise the SDL50 is equipped with the same compensator as the SDL30, assuring a reliable, wide compensating range ±15′.

But the SDL50 incorporates the convenient programs to help speed up construction work.

Above all internal memory holds 2,000 points of data in a maximum of 20 job files.

Like wise measured data can be exported in CSV format using the software “SDL TOOL”.


DuoSoft Field

As a result Protsurv Geo Centre has adapted to technological trends by introduce our new DuoSoft Field survey application on any Android platform.

Therefore turning your cell phone or tablet into a production tool that is always at your fingertips.

Most importantly no need for expensive WindowsCe devices. That to say this LOCAL developed app by Protea Geomatics will be solely distributed by ProtSurv Geo Centre.

But with this new app you will be able to email your data as soon as you are done working in the field.

Likewise from basic levelling features to advance road setting out using conventional automatic levels, digital levels, Totalstation or GPS – your survey will be done quick and easy.

In conclusion giving the word “ local software” a new name with customer customization within days.

  • DuoSoft Field survey application on Any Android platform
  • The app is only 3MB
  • Runs on ANY android platform
  • Data can be manually inputted or uploaded with a variety of different formats
  • Easy navigated menu and workflow structure
  • Modular design – Pay as you grow
  • Runs on ANY android platform



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