Theodolite in South Africa is firstly used to measure the horizontal and vertical angles.

Therefore It is more precise than magnetic compass, whereby it measures the angle up to as accuracy of 30’. Most importantly a theodolite measures the angles up to and accuracy of 2” , 10’’or 20”. That to say the 2″ is most accurate unit to use.


As a result single horizontal spindle which cross telescope makes higher precision and better stability and resistant shock ability.

Further absolute angle encoder system makes measuring easier.

In addition a big screen makes displaying horizontal and vertical angle at the same time,importantly it helps the surveyor. 
Likewise a down laser point makes the instrument easier to set up and operate but at an extra cost it is certainly worth it. 
In conclusion superior water and dust proof IP66 , therefore quality guarantee.

  • 30X Magnification.
  • 1.3m Shortest Viewing Distance morover with a rugged design.
  • Meanwhile it can be used with AA batteries.
  • Theodolite in South Africa includes calibration certificates, most importantly with 1 year warranty. 

Varrients  Include

  • FYT-2″  with compensator
  • FYT-5″  with compensator
  • FYT-20″ with no compensator


Firstly Quality, Performance, and Affordability that Ensure Maximum Profitability

Above all Superior Performance and Durability

Firstly all models feature superior optics, mechanics, advanced absolute encoder systems. 

Most Importantly comes standard with proven tilt compensators.

Likewise the industry’s highest IP66 protection grade.

Power-Saving Technology Saves Battery Costs

Secondly Four AA alkaline batteries provide extra-long operating time from 100 to 170 hours, saving costs for replacement batteries. Moreover the DT Series instruments operate for two to five weeks without changing batteries*.
* When used for seven hours a day, five days a week, excluding the use of laser pointers.

Laser Pointer to Increase Construction Work Efficiency (Laser models)

Similarly the laser models incorporate built-in coaxial laser pointers that maximize construction work efficiency.
The applications include:
– Layout (Setting-Out)
– Horizontal/Vertical Alignment
– Leveling
– Grading
– Squaring