Total station

To Clarify Sokkia announced the release of the new CX-60 total station in 2017.

Firstly the RED technology makes reflectorless EDM a fast distance measurement of only 0.9 seconds.

Moreover the instrument also offers a new USB for quick data transfer. 

Above all ideal for land surveying, topography and  construction layout.

RED technology allows the machine to measure reflectorlessly 350 m or 4000 m with a prism.

The machines features optional Bluetooth® functionality up to 10m

The machine stores 10,000 points of memory with  battery life of up to 15 hours. 

For example dual axis compensation makes the waterproof design and a laser pointer special.

For more information please visit sokkia website. 


Hi-Target started to produce its own machines in 2012. in 2014 the mini unit was introduced. More than 5 models is available in the market.

Nowadays, its becoming smarter and smarter.

Hi-Target Total Station Application — Road

One of the service is road setting out. Hi-Target provide the software for road file design. The files can be generated and be imported into the total station, to be applied during the road setting out.

Hi-Target — Volume calculation application

The volume calculation is another very useful program in the fields like the mining survey or road construction.  By surveying the boundary points and the top points of the piles, the total station will offer users the volume into consideration of the project.

Simple principle but always reliable and powerful

Apparently there are some more practical programs that total station can serve, like reference line, reference arc and COGO, etc. The machines has always been one of the best reliable partner of surveyors offering the service beyond imagination by utilizing very basic geometric data and its growing computing power. Seeing the thrilling future, Hi-Target is also on the way to offer users the workhorse with advanced  technology!

2” accuracy with 600m range. Wireless Bluetooth communication. Big storage, can be extended up to 32GB. Convenient data import and export with the USB port.